Safe Spine Surgery using Bone Scalpel

The advent of ultrasonic bone dissection is as significant to spine surgery today as the adoption of pneumatic drill was several decades ago. Power drills liberated spine surgeons from the slow, repetitive, fatigue inducing, and occasionally dangerous maneuvers that are characteristic of manually operated rongeurs. Now ultrasonic dissection with BoneScalpel empowers the surgeon to cut bone with an accuracy and safety that surpasses that of the power drill. The greater accuracy of BoneScalpel is a result of the back-and-forth micro-motion of BoneScalpel’s thin blade as opposed to the rotary macro-motion of a drill’s burr. This permits fine and precise bone cuts not afforded by a drill. In addition, BoneScalpel has two attributes that provide greater safety. First, elimination of rotary motion avoids many of the risks associated with the drill, such as slipping off the cutting surface and entrapping important soft tissues. Second, BoneScalpel cuts bone better than soft tissue. This tissue selectivity, which may seem counter-intuitive at first glance, is extremely useful in spine surgery where the surgeon is routinely faced with the task of cutting bone adjacent to dura.

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